August 19th, 2015

I'm stepping back in time and filming A CRIME TO REMEMBER.

I'll be playing the lead role of Detective Harry Harris, who is investigating the murder of Mary Burge in Macon Georgia in 1960. The episode is titled, "A Comedy of Terrors," and the full synopsis is below: 

Macon, GA, 1960: When wealthy Mary Burge is found strangled in her bed, detectives encounter a world of hooded Klan members and blue blood Yankees where the truth truly is stranger than fiction.

I adore period pieces, any chance to don a fedora and play a detective and I'm there! The amazing people behind A CRIME TO REMEMBER go all-out to match the period, from costumes to cars, so stepping onto set was like stepping back in time. 

The 60's was a turbulent time in American history, especially in the South with regards to race relations and the impending Civil Rights movement. My character, Detective Harris, and my partner are creatures of the time, and it's a credit to episode writer/director Cruz Angeles that the show doesn't shy away from the police's shabby, unfair, and downright cruel attitudes towards minorities at that time. It's remarkable to me that a true story from over fifty years ago can have so many parallels to today's world and society, and that in some cases such little progress has been achieved. 

But the episode, in addition to the apt social commentary, is also an exciting mystery that really takes the view back in time and seeps them in the mood of Macon, Georgia in 1960. Here's to a great episode of an amazing show, and hoping that I can work with this top-notch crew again soon! 

More information about A CRIME TO REMEMBER, which is now in its third season and counting:

Styles may change, but murder lasts forever. Investigation Discovery's newest series, A CRIME TO REMEMBER, invites viewers to step into the past and unravel the intricacies of real-life murder cases of the '50s and '60s. Set against the backdrop of Studebakers, fedoras, and three-martini lunches, these stories of truly mad men and women reveal complicated relationships where thwarted dreams and repressed passions led to terrible crimes. With A CRIME TO REMEMBER, ID inaugurates a new high-end cinematic style, using the visual grammar of movies to bring the era to life. To properly illustrate each time period, the series stays true to the fashion and styles while highlighting the cultural taboos and social norms that informed each case. Each story is driven by the narrative of a fictional bystander who "knew" the victim, while reporters who covered the case explain how the crime and investigation impacted society. With six episodes, each hour in this limited series plays out like a dramatic period thriller designed to have the viewer relive those "bad old days."

My episode, A Crime to Remember - Season 03, Episode 06: A Comedy of Terrors is now available for streaming on Amazon