August 29th, 2015

My return to the horror genre, HOMER, is wrapped and now available for free online!

HOMER is inspired by the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" story HAROLD, and  is influenced by Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. 

I play Bob who, along with my friend Al, tries to fix up our boss' rundown farm. Bored and restless, we build a scarecrow to bully to pass the time. But, as strange things begin happening around the farm, Al and I quickly realize that all our bullying may not have been so harmless after all, and that karma can be a real bitch. 

HOMER was shot on a real farm close to New Haven Connecticut and was written and directed by Zachary J. Fox with the following cast:

Scott Watson as Bob

James Balsamo as Al

Franco Luzzi as Homer 

Visit HOMER's IMDB page HERE

Watch the full movie of HOMER below!

Homer from Watching Earth Productions on Vimeo.