5'9" 180 lbs hazel eyes/ auburn hair


LOVE IN KILNERRY Lead - Peter Donahue Archway Pictures
(in-production) (dir by Snorri Sturluson)
RIGHT OF WAY Lead - Jacob Holloway B Brothers Productions
(dir by Miki and Yoni Benyamini)
WHEN THE MOON Spt - Thomas Sum of Our Parts Productions
WAS TWICE AS BIG (directed by Bill Jacobs)
TO LIVE AND Spt - Wyatt Crenshaw Grand Valley Pictures
DIE IN DIXIE (directed by Harper Philbin)
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Lead - Kevin Hamilton Phantasmal Pictures
(directed by Ryan Thompson)
SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Spt - Larry Skin of the Peach Productions
(directed by Aaron Dias)


SOMETHING UNORTHODOX Lead - Simon Rosen Block Exchange Entertainment
(directed by R. H. Bless)
HOMER Lead - Bob Watching Earth Productions
(directed by Zachary J. Fox)
VITO POWER Lead - The Scientist Lynx Media
(directed by Michael Harthen)
MEDIOCRITY Lead - Toby Lippmann Himrod House Prodcutions
(directed by Joe Zook)
LOST IN THE PARK Lead - Carl Alice Peterson Productions
(directed by Alice Peterson)
PRODUCING FICTION Spt - Seymore Matthew Dressel Productions
(directed by Matthew Dressel)


A CRIME TO REMEMBER Lead - Det. Harry Harris Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: A Comedy of Terrors Xcon Productions
(directed by Cruz Angeles)
EVIL LIVES HERE Lead - Bobby Long Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: The Monster I Married Red Marble Media
(directed by Joel Pincosy)
GRAVE SECRETS Lead - Mike Dixon Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: The Manner of Murder Red Marble Media
(directed by Joel Pincosy)
GRAVE MYSTERIES Lead - Det. Smith Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Mister Wrong Lion TV
(directed by Jeremiah Kipp)
HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Lead - J.D. Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Christmas Rampage Jarrett Creative Group
REDRUM Lead - Derek Saunders Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Very Bad Investments Stephen David Entertainment
(directed by Tony Glazer)
BLOOD FEUDS Lead - Bud McCoy American Heroes Channel
Ep: Hatfield and McCoys/td> Lion TV
(directed by Andrea De Brito)
THE HUNT (with John Walsh) Lead - Charles Mozdir CNN
Ep: The Enemy Next Door Zero Point Zero Productions
(directed by John Bedolis)
MYSTERIES AT THE MONUMENT Lead - Guy Fawkes Travel Channel/td>
Ep: Gunpowder Plot, Yellowstone, Cops Are Robbers Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - King Henry II Travel Channel
Ep: The Real Beauty and the Beast; Birdman of Scotland; Master of Disguise Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - Leopold Lojka Travel Channel
Ep: Royal Baccarat Scandal; Soleste and Moroello; Franz Ferdinand Optomen Productions
(directed by Jeremiah Crowell)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - Duke of Buckingham Travel Channel
Ep: Martin Luther Kidnapping; Witches of Belvoir; Secret Queen Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - William Seymour Travel Channel
Ep: The Brothers Grimm; Savior of Fort Jefferson; Missing Head of State Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - King George IV Travel Channel
Ep: The Diamond Necklace Affair; Topless Duel; Abseiling Escape Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET Spt - Jimmy's Friend Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Death by Cheerleader Red Marble Media
(directed by Kevin Fitzpatrick)
ON THE CASE W/ PAULA ZAHN Lead - Wesley Shermantine Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Where Evil Lies Scott Sternberg Productions
(directed by Joshua Kleinman)
THE HAUNTING OF Spt - Confederate Doctor Lifetime Movie Network
Ep: Billy Ray Cyrus Jarrett Creative Group
(directed by Andrea De Brito)


DAILY BURN Lead National TV Spot
(currently on-air) Uber Content
(directed by Ben Callner)
OPENSKY.COM Lead Internet Spot
Open Sky Creative Studios
(directed by Shawna Enyart)
THE HAUNT: DARK MAZE Lead Internet Spot
Lynx Media
(directed by Ryan Thompson)
NH BANK Featured Korean TV Spot
Almost Always Corp.
(directed by Park Youm)