5'9" 180 lbs hazel eyes/ auburn hair


LOVE IN KILNERRY Peter Donahue Archway Pictures
(in-production) (dir by Snorri Sturluson)
SHAKESPEARE'S SH*TSTORM VIP Pharmaceutical Rep Troma Pictures
(in-production) (dir by Lloyd Kaufman)
RIGHT OF WAY Jacob Holloway B Brothers Productions
(dir by Miki and Yoni Benyamini)
WHEN THE MOON Thomas Sum of Our Parts Productions
WAS TWICE AS BIG (directed by Bill Jacobs)
TO LIVE AND Wyatt Crenshaw Grand Valley Pictures
DIE IN DIXIE (directed by Harper Philbin)
ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Kevin Hamilton Phantasmal Pictures
(directed by Ryan Thompson)
SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Larry Skin of the Peach Productions
(directed by Aaron Dias)


DEAD AIR Kev the Creep Badlands Productions
(directed by Matt Sullivan)
SOMETHING UNORTHODOX Simon Rosen Block Exchange Entertainment
(directed by R. H. Bless)
HOMER Bob Watching Earth Productions
(directed by Zachary J. Fox)
VITO POWER The Scientist Lynx Media
(directed by Michael Harthen)
MEDIOCRITY Toby Lippmann Himrod House Prodcutions
(directed by Joe Zook)
LOST IN THE PARK Carl Alice Peterson Productions
(directed by Alice Peterson)
PRODUCING FICTION Seymore Matthew Dressel Productions
(directed by Matthew Dressel)


A CRIME TO REMEMBER Lead - Det. Harry Harris Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: A Comedy of Terrors Xcon Productions
(directed by Cruz Angeles)
EVIL LIVES HERE Lead - Bobby Long Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: The Monster I Married Red Marble Media
(directed by Joel Pincosy)
THE PERFECT MURDER Lead - Richard Lyon Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Murder-in-Law Kaufman Films
(directed by Kevin Kaufman)
DIABOLICAL Lead - Joel Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Who Lies Beneath Lion TV
(directed by Christian Faber)
GRAVE SECRETS Lead - Mike Dixon Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: The Manner of Murder Red Marble Media
(directed by Joel Pincosy)
GRAVE MYSTERIES Lead - Det. Smith Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Mister Wrong Lion TV
(directed by Jeremiah Kipp)
BAD HENRY Lead - Det Tony Rice Investigation Discovery Channel
TV Movie Blackfin
(directed by Greg Palmer)
EVIL TALKS Lead - James Kelley Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Rival Affections Red Marble Media
(directed by Joel Pincosy)
HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Lead - J.D. Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Christmas Rampage Jarrett Creative Group
REDRUM Lead - Derek Saunders Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Very Bad Investments Stephen David Entertainment
(directed by Tony Glazer)
BLOOD FEUDS Lead - Bud McCoy American Heroes Channel
Ep: Hatfield and McCoys/td> Lion TV
(directed by Andrea De Brito)
THE HUNT (with John Walsh) Lead - Charles Mozdir CNN
Ep: The Enemy Next Door Zero Point Zero Productions
(directed by John Bedolis)
MYSTERIES AT THE MONUMENT Lead - Guy Fawkes Travel Channel/td>
Ep: Gunpowder Plot, Yellowstone, Cops Are Robbers Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - King Henry II Travel Channel
Ep: The Real Beauty and the Beast; Birdman of Scotland; Master of Disguise Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - Leopold Lojka Travel Channel
Ep: Royal Baccarat Scandal; Soleste and Moroello; Franz Ferdinand Optomen Productions
(directed by Jeremiah Crowell)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - Duke of Buckingham Travel Channel
Ep: Martin Luther Kidnapping; Witches of Belvoir; Secret Queen Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - William Seymour Travel Channel
Ep: The Brothers Grimm; Savior of Fort Jefferson; Missing Head of State Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE Lead - King George IV Travel Channel
Ep: The Diamond Necklace Affair; Topless Duel; Abseiling Escape Optomen Productions
(directed by Lee Doyle)
MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET Spt - Jimmy's Friend Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Death by Cheerleader Red Marble Media
(directed by Kevin Fitzpatrick)
ON THE CASE W/ PAULA ZAHN Lead - Wesley Shermantine Investigation Discovery Channel
Ep: Where Evil Lies Scott Sternberg Productions
(directed by Joshua Kleinman)
THE HAUNTING OF Spt - Confederate Doctor Lifetime Movie Network
Ep: Billy Ray Cyrus Jarrett Creative Group
(directed by Andrea De Brito)


RAY-BAN Lead National TV Spot
(currently on-air) Tiny Giant
B&H Lead National TV Spot
(currently on-air) On Time Productions
DAILY BURN Lead National TV Spot
Uber Content
(directed by Ben Callner)
OPENSKY.COM Lead Internet Spot
Open Sky Creative Studios
(directed by Shawna Enyart)
THE HAUNT: DARK MAZE Lead Internet Spot
Lynx Media
(directed by Ryan Thompson)
NH BANK Featured Korean TV Spot
Almost Always Corp.
(directed by Park Youm)