March 10th, 2015

Back with Optomen Productions again and one of my favorite crews, filming several episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE for the Travel Channel! 

My love for period pieces knows no bounds, and MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE is an actor's delight: I never quite know what fantastic costume I'll be slipping into, or what time period I'll visit next. 

Thus far on the show, in various episodes, I've played:

King King Henry II of France

The Duke of Buckingham 

William Seymour

King George IV of England

Leopold Lojka (Archduke Franz Ferdinand's driver)

Here's a breakdown of the show: 

From the inspirations for Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" to Alexandre Dumas pere's "Man in the Iron Mask," the program "Castle Secrets & Legends" features visits to stunning palaces, amazing manor houses and magnificent mansions throughout the United States and around the world, revealing some incredible stories that are contained within them.

All of my episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE can now be streamed at Amazon!