January 14, 2014

I've finally realized my long-standing dream of playing a ghost! 

That's right, I haunted Billy Ray Cyrus in the latest episode of THE HAUNTING OF: Billy Ray Cyrus. 

In this episode, Billy Ray Cyrus with help from Kim Russo travels back to a Tennessee plantation (Rippavilla) where he once encountered an otherworldly spirit, leading to an uncovering of the ghost and a revelation about the true nature and history of the place. 

This particular episode came with a big dose of history, as Billy Ray Cyrus discovers that the apparition he saw was connected to the Civil War, as General John Hood fought near Rippavilla as part of the Middle Tennessee campaign.

I play a confederate doctor in the episode, with the unenviable task of trying to heal wounded solider's using the medical knowledge available during the Civil War. Let's just say several limbs are lost in the process. 

The shoot was great fun at a fantastic, historical location, and our director Andrea De Brito did a wonderful job balancing many different narrative threads into a concise, compelling story!